Transform your relationship with what you wear.



We already have enough clothes made for several generations in this world. To make a pair of jeans, we spend ten thousand liters of water. Daily, tons of fabric scraps are thrown away. And this is just the small picture of the huge impact that the fashion industry has on environment and people’s lives.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t feel good and comfortable with what we wear.
You can have your own style without harming people and the planet.


what we do

We create alternatives to disposable way to consume clothing.

The Roupa Livre project connects initiatives and people seeking a more conscious, loving and caring relationship to what they wear.

A movement open to anyone who wants to try a new way of looking through events, digital books, mapping initiatives, content production, mobile app to exchange clothes and a lot of hands-on activities such as sewing, upcycling and more!



Who created, organize and pulls actions.

From the meeting between Mari Pelli , Gabi Mazepa and Elisa Dantas, who now form the collective that organizes and pulls the actions, the Roupa Livre project was born.


She likes to investigate where things come from, how they are made and how we relate to them. She dropped the advertising carrer and now creates and coordinates projects such as Roupa Livre, proposing more affection, care and love with what we wear. She also provides strategic advice to creative entrepreneurs.

The designer Gabriela Mazepa mis-seaming and re-sewing clothes. Creator of the re-clothing workshops, she shows us how to see the clothes and fabrics in another way, as she does in their daily work. She worked for nine years in projects around the world, revealing the full potential of what is considered waste by industry.

Creativity and sewing are Elisa Dantas passions since childhood. By "A Costureirinha", a school created to give more independence seamstress to people, she gives creative sewing classes at SESC Pompeia in Sao Paulo, as well as consulting, workshops and traveling sewing workshops.



Those who work with us.

For every event, idea or initiative happen we have incredible partners. With them is it fun, easy and enjoyable to make it.



With whom we are connected

We believe that the more people proposing alternatives to a more conscious consumer, better! The answer is not unique. It is the sum of all initiatives. So we enjoy and support other projects that are also making something for the subject :



Support, do it yourself, spread and join.

We create Roupa Livre for you to:


By your own stylist and dictate your own trend.


Get it touch with the process of making clothes.

Transform and give new life for clothes that are not used anymore.